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Pre-filed Bills Lay Out Republicans' Disastrous Agenda for Washington's Middle-Class Families

Even Before Day One of Session, Republicans Put Forward Deeply Conservative Proposals


Seattle -  Today marks the first day of the 2016 legislative session, but Republicans in Olympia have been hard at work for some time putting together a deeply conservative agenda for this year. Over the past month, Republican legislators have been pre-filing bills that would move our state backwards, on workers' incomes, on women's health, and on combatting gun violence. Below are just a few of the bills Republicans have already put forward for this coming legislative session.


  • HB 2291 - Rolling Back The Minimum Wage. Republicans want to account for health benefits when calculating the minimum wage rate and provide a "youth wage" which would cut the minimum wage for thousands of workers.
  • HB 2294 - Defunding Planned Parenthood. Republicans in Washington State are joining the national Republican mania of defunding Planned Parenthood. 
  • HB 2325 - Math, Science and...Guns? Republicans want to bring the NRA into our high schools at taxpayer expense to teach our students about their far-right interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.
  • SB 6158 - Raffling Off Guns Without Background Checks. This bill would allow conservative and Republican political groups to give out guns to their members at fundraisers without voter-approved universal background checks
  • SB 6173 - Banning Policies To Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions. One of the State Senate's lead recipients of campaign cash from the fossil fuel industry, Doug Ericksen, a Donald Trump supporter, is sponsoring legislation that would block action to protect Washingtonians from climate change.
  • HB 2293 - Awarding Electoral Votes To Republicans. Knowing they are most likely nominating a radical conservative like Donald Trump for President who has no shot at winning here in Washington state, Republicans are trying to sneak a way to award electoral votes to the GOP nominee for president even when they eventually lose.
"The Republican agenda, if enacted, would be deeply damaging to Washington's middle-class families," said Jaxon Ravens, Washington State Democrats Chair. "If Republicans were in charge, they would work to defund Planned Parenthood and deny progress on taking on climate change, all while gutting the minimum wage and making it easier for folks to get guns without a background check. That's what's at stake. Luckily, we have leaders here in Washington like Governor Inslee and Speaker Chopp who will fight back against this reckless agenda."