October 22, 2022

(Seattle, WA) — In case you missed it, Tiffany Smiley dodged an interview with the Seattle Times ahead of the November election despite dozens of appearances with far-right extremist commentators like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham

According to the Seattle Times, “Smiley’s campaign did not respond to repeated interview requests for this article.” It’s clear that Smiley is not willing to conduct any interviews that allow for any kind of basic followup or clarification on specifics. Smiley’s dodginess is no surprise given just how extreme and out of touch her far-right values are in Washington state. 

Key points from the Seattle Times latest reporting:

  • “Scott’s plan — which also supports police funding, proposes completing the border wall and naming it after former President Donald Trump, and says “abortion kills human children”… Smiley, earlier this year, said she supports Scott’s plan, but not any parts that would raise taxes. “I think he has good points in there but I’m not here to raise taxes on Washington families right now,” Smiley said of Scott’s plan, at an Orcas Island fundraiser. “How about everything else?” an attendee asked of Scott’s plan. “Yeah, I mean, absolutely, protecting our children, funding our police, yes, yes,” Smiley said.
  • “Murray’s campaign has cited past social media activity (Twitter likes) that appear to show Smiley supporting further abortion restrictions.”
  • Smiley appeared at a Republican Party event last month with far-right election denier Dinesh D’Souza and has both praised and been praised by Joe Kent, the far-right congressional candidate in Southwest Washington who has called those arrested on Jan. 6 “political prisoners.”
  • Before the August primary election, Smiley’s website said the “2020 elections raised serious questions about the integrity of our elections.” That section has since been removed. In a June interview, Smiley repeatedly declined to say whether she had concerns about the 2020 election or not.”

Read the Seattle Times’ full story HERE