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RELEASE: Podlodowski statement on GOP Senator Doug Ericksen’s two jobs, two taxpayer-funded salaries

Podlodowski statement on GOP Senator Doug Ericksen’s two jobs, two taxpayer-funded salaries


Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski offered the following response to GOP Senator Doug Ericksen’s claim that he can serve his constituents in the state legislature while simultaneously working in Washington DC for the Donald Trump transition team at the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA):

“It’s outrageous for Senator Doug Ericksen to claim that he can responsibly serve the people of Washington State and the people of the 42nd legislative district while also working in Washington D.C. for Donald Trump. He has missed a myriad of votes, is inaccessible to the people who live in his district and is not attending to critical issues here in Washington State, especially solving the education-funding crisis. For example, his D.C. schedule meant he couldn’t even attend the first press conference he set up to try and explain that his D.C. schedule wouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s beyond uncomfortable to watch Senator Ericksen try to justify holding two government jobs and pulling in two taxpayer-funded salaries while doing a terrible job at both. He admits that he’s missing nearly all the meetings of his committee and that he’s not even watching the testimony on bills he sponsored himself – but Ericksen seems to think he still deserves his full legislative salary, on top of all the free meals and gifts he’s pulled in from lobbyists PLUS his paycheck for doing Trump’s dirty work to essentially destroy EPA.

“Ericksen isn’t known for doing the right thing – he’s been a steadfast opponent of environmental protections and improving funding for schools, he took more free gifts, meals, and payoffs from lobbyists than any other legislator, and he’s pushing an unconstitutional and un-American scheme to make protesting a felony to protect the hurt feelings of his thin-skinned boss Donald Trump. But Doug Ericksen has one last chance to do the right thing in his legislative career. He can resign his seat so that somebody can fill it full time for session, and his constituents can get the representation they deserve.

“If Ericksen doesn’t do the right thing himself and resign, Democrats will use every legal and political avenue we have to do the right thing for him and get him out of office.”