The Washington State Democratic Party joins the call for state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s resignation after his dismissal of an aide who had previously reported him for inappropriate behavior. State Party Chair Tina Podlodowski and Vice Chair David Green issued the following joint statement Friday in response:

“We were deeply disappointed and troubled over the first set of complaints against Mike Kreidler earlier this year, and had hoped his apologies and training efforts were sincere and afforded him an opportunity to reform his actions and behaviors. But it is now abundantly clear: He learned nothing. Employees must be able to report wrongdoings without fear of retaliation. It’s a fundamental component of workers’ rights. To fire a whistleblower — someone who had the courage to step forward in the first place — is not only unacceptable and unethical, but directly goes against the Democratic values of our party, which is committed to protecting workers and creating safe working environments. Mike has lost the trust of his employees — and his party. He can no longer faithfully serve the people of Washington state, and we call for him to step down.” 

The complaints against Kreidler were made public in February after a half a dozen state workers recounted his poor treatment of staff and use of racist slurs and derogatory language to The Seattle Times and Northwest News Network.