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Republicans Bill Bryant and Chris Vance Refuse to Rule Out Voting for Donald Trump

Despite Trump's Racist, Xenophobic, and Islamophobic Campaign, Bryant and Vance Still Considering Voting For Trump


Seattle Times: Local Republicans Worry Donald Trump's Rise Means Down-Ballot Disaster


SeattleThe Seattle Times put it best: "It’s tough enough to run for statewide office in Washington as a Republican. But the notion of sharing a ballot with Donald Trump is giving some GOP candidates extra heartburn." And right now Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant and Republican Senate candidate Chris Vance could use some Alka-Seltzer. Yesterday, as Trump crushed the Republican competition across the country on Super Tuesday, Republicans Bill Bryant and Chris Vance refused to rule out voting for Donald Trump, despite Trump's disgusting views and positions, such as a ban on Muslims entering the country, calling Mexican immigrants rapists, and not immediately disavowing the support of David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan.

In fact, in a facebook post just last December, Chris Vance said he would vote for Trump if he was the nominee, saying, "Republicans will need to unite behind our nominee for President, whoever that is." He has also praised Donald Trump's regressive tax plan that aggressively lowers taxes for the richest Americans.

"Republicans Bill Bryant and Chris Vance like to spout off about leadership, but on Donald Trump, they seem to have lost their voice," said Jaxon Ravens, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. "It's simple. Our state values diversity and inclusion and Donald Trump does not share our values. But Bryant and Vance are putting their loyalty to the Republican party and their desire for the votes from their base before the values of our state."