WA Democrats Launch Virtual GOTV Tour

12 days of get-out-the-vote events will highlight key candidates in races across the state


SEATTLE — After transitioning to a fully-virtual program in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Washington Democrats have built a relentless Coordinated Campaign in support of Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Our Coordinated Campaign volunteers have already made more than 375,000 calls to voters, both urging them to vote in the August 4th primary election and providing guidance on how to access resources to help them and their families deal with the ongoing pandemic. 

Our single night call record of more than 55,000 calls leads Democratic state parties across the country — even in swing states! — and the enthusiasm our volunteers have for our candidates isn’t hard to understand. Washington Republicans have proven time after time that they will remain in lockstep with Trump, denying the severity of the pandemic and refusing to put forward any plan to deal with it aside from mass infection and “herd immunity.” By contrast, Washington Democrats at all levels of government have shown strong, steady leadership throughout this crisis.

To support those Democratic leaders and candidates for office running to replace anti-science Republicans, Washington Democrats are launching a 12-day Virtual Get-Out-The-Vote Tour. Each “stop” will feature remarks from key Democratic candidates and elected officials, a virtual training on phonebanking for volunteers, and the opportunity for members of the press to ask questions of the speakers. The full schedule of the Tour follows: