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Washington State Democrats Stand With Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Provides Critical Health Services to Millions of Women Every Year

Washington Republicans Seeking To Defund Planned Parenthood Are Just Scrambling To Find Any Way To Take Away the Right of Women To Make Their Own Health Care Decisions

Seattle – Today, the Washington State Democratic Party announced that it stands with Planned Parenthood against the coordinated political attacks by anti-women legislators seeking to defund Planned Parenthood and engage in political witch-hunts against the most-trusted women's health care provider in the country.

"The Washington State Democratic Party stands with Planned Parenthood and the women they care for," said Jaxon Ravens, WA Democrats Chair. "Everyone deserves high-quality health care, and every woman should have the right to make her own health care decisions. Republican state legislators seeking to turn back the clock on women's health are relaunching their political attacks on Planned Parenthood, hoping they can put an end to reproductive health care access for low-income women. We vow to fight back against these extreme efforts, and stand with the hardworking women and men of Planned Parenthood."

Earlier this week, Seven Republican state representatives sent a letter to Governor Jay Inslee urging the state to defund Planned Parenthood and 34 state house Republicans sent a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson asking him to investigate Planned Parenthood.