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WHAT EDITORIAL BOARDS ARE SAYING: Senate Republican Budget is “Illegal” and “Wrong Solution,” “Shamelessly Irresponsible,” “Relies on Likely Unsustainable Gimmicks,” and Uses "Smoke-and-Mirrors Budgeting Techniques”

Meanwhile, House Democratic Plan “Lays Out a Good Vision” and is “Fair and Allow(s) the State to Begin Making Up for Past Losses”

Olympia – Washington State Editorial Boards have weighed in on Andy Hill and the Senate Republican’s budget, and it’s ugly.

The Seattle Times weighed in on Sunday, saying that the Senate budget “relies on likely unsustainable gimmicks and fund transfers.” It goes on further to say that “If some new revenue is needed — and that appears to be the case — the Legislature should vet a capital-gains tax proposal offered by the House Democrats,” and that “the capital-gains tax is a provocative idea, and could ease a regressive tax code that favors Seattle’s accumulating tech wealth.”

The Olympian went even further, saying Andy Hill and the Senate Republican’s budget, by breaking negotiated contracts with state workers, is “illegal” and the “wrong solution” for Washington. In an earlier editorial, The Olympian said the House Democrats “did a good job” and that their “budget lays out a good vision” “that is both realistic and smart.”

The Columbian in Vancouver calls out Senate Republicans for the gimmicks they are using to hide the fact they are making real cuts to programs working families depend on, saying “(i)n their quest to cling to 'no new taxes,' Senate Republicans are employing smoke-and-mirrors budgeting techniques. Transferring funds from other programs will lead to cuts in those programs, and while Senate leaders can chalk this up to prioritizing, they cannot ignore the fact that it would have real-world consequences.”

The Everett Herald argued, due to the our regressive tax system that benefits the wealthy, and not the middle class, and due to the cuts to programs in the Senate Republican budget, that the House budget is “fair and allow(s) the state to begin making up for past losses to programs and employee compensation.”

Meanwhile, the Tacoma News Tribune takes issue with the massive transfer of funds Andy Hill and Senate Republicans made on marijuana revenue, completely wiping out voter-approved funds that were supposed to be dedicated to health care and drug abuse treatment, calling it “shamelessly irresponsible to abandon I-502’s explicit commitment to help Washington’s youth avoid marijuana.”

"The editorial boards said it better than I could. The Senate Republican budget is shamelessly irresponsible and relies on unsustainable gimmicks," said Jaxon Ravens, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. "The House budget, on the other hand, released a sustainable budget that puts the middle class first. It fully funds education, invests in programs that benefit working-class families, and in a state that has one of the most unfair tax systems in the nation, finally makes the wealthy and well-connected pay their fair share.”