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  • Dino Rossi Has a Failing Bank Problem

    Eastside Commercial Bank, Which Was Co-Founded By Rossi In 2001, Has Been Slapped By The Federal Government For "Unsafe And Unsound Commercial Real Estate" Lending

    According to a new report from POLITICO, Eastside Commercial Bank, the bank which Rossi co-founded in 2001 and boasted about during his two failed runs for governor, is failing and has been slapped by the federal government for its "unsafe and unsound commercial real estate" lending, and has lost over $2 million in capital between in 2009.

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  • Sen. Patty Murray Leads All Challengers in Latest Poll

    A new Elway Poll released today shows Senator Patty Murray with a double-digit lead over all challengers in the US Senate race. Murray reaches 50% or more over all declared and undeclared Republican candidates.

    In head to head match ups, the polls shows Murray leading Benton at 51% to 27%, Murray leading Akers by 50% to 26%, Murray leading Didier by 50% to 24%, and Murray leading undeclared candidate Dino Rossi by 51% to 34%.

    Elway also finds that any Republican challenger would have to capture all the Republican voters, and undecided voters to defeat Murray.

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  • Dino Rossi's $20,000 Tax Problem

    Rossi's History Of Ethical Lapses Includes Failure To Disclose A $50,000 Loan

    SEATTLE - Perennial politician Dino Rossi has spent a lot of time recently mulling a run for US Senate, but he might have been better served by making sure he pays his taxes.

    The Everett Herald reports that Dino Rossi's firm Coast Equity Partners owes over $20,000 in back taxes to the government. Dino Rossi, who is a partner at Coast Equity Partners, is no stranger to ethical challenges, as voters know from his never-ending campaigns.

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  • Kaine to Keynote Democratic State Convention in June

    The Washington State Democratic Party today announced that Governor Tim Kaine, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), will Keynote the 2010 State Party Convention on Saturday, June 26 in Vancouver.

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  • Where on earth is Dino Rossi?

    On Earth Day, Dems ask Dino why he back a group that believes climate change is a hoax

    Washington Policy Center Believes Climate Change is "More About Politics Than Science"

    SEATTLE – As the world celebrates Earth Day, Democrats are calling on Rossi to say why he backs an extremist group that believes climate change is a hoax. According to news reports, Dino Rossi recently penned a fundraising letter for the Washington Policy Center (WPC), a Seattle-based organization that doesn’t believe in climate change.

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  • Clock Is Ticking: New Webpage Tracks Rossi's Silence

    Nine Days And Counting: Rossi Raises Money For Extremist Policy Center No Word Yet From Rossi On Why He Supports Assailing Middle Class

    SEATTLE - Nine days after ethically-challenged perennial politician Dino Rossi sent out a fundraising letter on behalf of the extremist Washington Policy Center (WPC), and with Rossi seriously weighing a bid for US Senate after visiting Republican Party leaders in DC last month, Democrats today launched an online clock to mark the time that has passed since Rossi first refused to distance himself from the WPC's anti-middle class agenda.

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  • New Report: Rossi-Backed Group Would Cut Unemployment Benefits, Repeal Paid Family Leave

    Rossi Raising Funds For Group Mounting Assault on Washington’s Middle Class

    SEATTLE - As Dino Rossi weighs a bid for US Senate, a new report is shedding light on his right-wing agenda, with serious effects on Washington state middle-class families.

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