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The Washington State Democratic Party is excited to work with and highlight Democratic candidates running for local office in 2021! The inaugural Rooted to Win program is a unique opportunity for 2021 local candidates running In Every Race In Every Place to reach new audiences online through the Washington State Democratic Party. 

There are thousands of great Democrats running for local office across Washington state, and our Rooted to Win candidates are some of the most exciting to watch and lend your support to this year. See below for information on current Rooted to Win candidates and get connected to their campaigns through their websites and social media accounts! And, check back often for new Rooted to Win candidates between now and Election Day!






Grassroots organizing is a powerful tool, and it’s the key to building Democratic power from the ground up. Organizing plays a critical role in winning elections and we need your support to ensure we ramp up our organizing efforts as early as possible. Donate and Support Rooted to Win TODAY!

Are you running for office in WA and interested in becoming a 2021 Rooted to Win candidate?

Complete the form below for the possible opportunity to be highlighted as one of our Rooted to Win candidates. 


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