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  • Washington State Democratic Party Announces New Communications Director

    Jamal Raad Most Recently Served as Communications Director for Senator Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR) Successful Re-election Campaign

    The Washington State Democratic Party announced a new addition to its senior staff. Jamal Raad will lead the Party’s communications efforts as they work to elect Democrats, uphold Democratic values, and support Democrats across the state.

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  • Legislative cut-off shows clear differences between Democrats and Republicans

    Democrats prioritize equality, hard-working families, the environment, and schools as legislative deadline passes.

    OLYMPIA – Wednesday evening marked the legislative cut-off, where bills either get passed on to the other chamber or die a legislative death for the year. As the cut-off came and went, the differences in priorities between Democrats and Republicans became increasingly clear.

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  • Racism in Olympia

    There’s no place for racism in this day and age — especially not in our State Capitol.

    Yet on Februrary 26th, at a meeting of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, State Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside said: “The poor are more likely to commit crimes, and colored most likely to be poor.” Later he doubled down on his offensive language, clarifying “that’s not just the negro.”

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  • Democrats pass minimum wage increase and sick leave legislation out of the House

    Eyes turn toward Senate Republicans to see if they will pass policies widely supported by the public

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  • The Republican agenda

    If Republicans in Olympia got their way, this is what our state would look like:

    The wildly popular universal background checks on all gun sales you voted for last November would be repealed. (SB 5615, HB 1245, HB 1886)

    If your unborn baby had a birth defect, your doctor wouldn’t have to tell you. If you’re a woman, you would lose the right to make some of your own health decisions altogether. (SB 5747, HB 1687, SB 5289, HB 1493)

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