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  • Statement about Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions

    The Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions have shed a spotlight on the challenges our country face when it comes to the relationship between police and communities of color. We call for impartiality and accountability for law enforcement and applaud efforts by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to provide guidance. Protests also play an important role in making sure these issues remain a part of the national conversation. Efforts by our leaders, together with grassroots activism, will help drive the change our country needs.

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  • Change in local Party leadership with reorganization meetings

    Did you know there is a local Democratic organization in every County and Legislative District? Our local Democratic organizations are the heart and soul of our Party. They make up an important part of our Party's grassroots. They drive discussion of local issues and elections, help define our Platform and values, and engage activists, giving rise to the future leaders of the community. 

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  • Sign on to support President Obama's action on immigration

    President Obama has offered a ray of hope to immigrant families.

    Up to 5 million mothers and fathers will be saved from the daily fear that they will be separated from their children. They’ll be able to pursue work legally instead of being victimized by unscrupulous employers. They’ll have a life of dignity, instead of one lived in the shadows.

    President Obama's action pays tribute to the idea that if you work hard, play by the rules, and do your part, you’ll have a shot.

    But it’s important to remember: This isn’t a permanent solution — it’s a starting point.

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  • Filling the vacancy in the 30th District

    On October 29th, our Democratic family lost Roger Freeman, State Representative for the 30th District, who passed away due to cancer. His name remained on the ballot, and he went on to win the race for State Representative on Election Day.

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  • 2014 Holiday Party

    A whimsical winter circus awaits you at the Washington State Democrats Annual Holiday Party on Sunday, December 7th, at the Westin Seattle!

    You are invited to a holiday reception to celebrate the end of another year, and another exciting election season. 

    Buy your ticket today at

    Reception tickets include a beverage, light hors d'oeuvres, a short speaking program, and entertainment provided by "Cirrus Circus" - the youth performance group from the School of Acrobatic and New Circus Arts.

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