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  • Choose a path

    Today in his State of the State speech, Governor Inslee posed this question —

    Will we create a Washington that works for everyone, or will we stand by as our schools, environment, and communities get weaker?

    Yesterday was the first day of the 2015 legislative session. Over the next 104 days, lawmakers will have many opportunities to ask themselves this question.

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  • Senate Republicans further ignore will of State Supreme Court and state’s constitution

    OLYMPIA — The 2015 legislative session kicked off once again with Senate Republicans further demonstrating their contempt for the Washington State Supreme Court and our schools. In a first ever procedural move, Senate Republicans voted to circumvent the high court's ruling that a 2/3 supermajority vote to raise revenue is unconstitutional.  

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  • Governor Inslee's budget: A bold new vision for reinvesting in our state

    Governor Inslee has unveiled a bold new budget that fairly reinvests in our state and our middle class.

    Since the recession, our state’s seen repeated cuts to vital services that have hurt our children, our senior citizens, our schools, and our most vulnerable.

    As Governor Inslee’s said yesterday “This isn't another plan that puts a Band-Aid on our budget problems. This plan is sustainable, responsible, and fair. It champions the values we care about most, from education to cleaner, healthier communities.”

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  • Putting kids first

    Our kids deserve a quality education system.

    That’s why Governor Inslee has made education the centerpiece of his budget.

    Yesterday, the governor released details of his education plan. The governor’s plan invests $2.3 billion in education, including the largest investment ever in early education and the largest investment in basic education in two decades.

    The plan reduces class sizes, implements full-day kindergarten statewide, and makes college more affordable.

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  • Statement about Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions

    The Michael Brown and Eric Garner decisions have shed a spotlight on the challenges our country face when it comes to the relationship between police and communities of color. We call for impartiality and accountability for law enforcement and applaud efforts by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to provide guidance. Protests also play an important role in making sure these issues remain a part of the national conversation. Efforts by our leaders, together with grassroots activism, will help drive the change our country needs.

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