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Local Party Organizations

Reach out to your legislative district and/or county chair for information on how to get involved at the local level.

The Washington State Democratic Party is proud of the autonomy and discretion exercised solely by Democratic Legislative District Organizations and County Parties (“Local Party Organizations” or “LPOs”), which are separate entities from the State Party. The Washington State Democratic Party does not have oversight or control over LPOs. The Precinct Committee Officers and members of each LPO set their own organization’s processes and rules. While these LPO rules align with the standards and guidelines outlined by the State Party, the State Party does not control or operate any LPO. Because LPOs run themselves without interference or management from the State Party, LPOs are solely responsible for all reporting and compliance filings required by law. If members of an LPO have issues or concerns with how the organization is being run, they should bring those issues to the attention of the LPO Chair or proper authority, such as the Public Disclosure Commission.

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