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The Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) is the body that conducts business for the Washington State Democratic Party. They hold meetings about once a quarter, where they pass resolutions, elect officers, and conduct other Party business. Every two years, the Washington State Democratic Party holds a State Convention, where delegates to the convention gather to conduct further Party business.

This page contains some of the documents produced by the WSDCC and State Convention delegates. These documents define the Washington State Democratic Party.

If you have any questions about any of the below documents, or are looking for a document not contained here, please email PartyAffairs@wa-democrats.org and a member of our staff will assist you.

The 2023-2024 Term of the WSDCC has meetings on:

  • Jan. 28, 2023, in Olympia
  • Future meetings dates and locations approved by WSD Executive Committee after their election on January 28, 2023

2021 – 2022 Governing Party Documents 

  • Charter This document describes the structure of the Party.
  • Bylaws This document contains the rules for how the Party conducts business.

Platform and Affiliated Documents

Standing Rules of the WSDCC

WSDCC Meeting Rules & Guidelines

WSDCC Election Rules

Constituency Caucus Rules

Other Standing Rules

Code of Conduct

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