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Congratulations to both Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders on receiving pledged delegates from Washington’s first Democratic presidential primary! Nearly 1.6 million Democratic voters cast a ballot, resulting in 591,403 votes for Vice President Biden and 570,039 votes for Senator Sanders. Those vote totals translate into 46 pledged delegates for Vice President Biden and 43 pledged delegates for Senator Sanders to the Democratic National Convention in August. 

The Washington State Democratic Party is dedicated to advocating for a broader and more inclusive delegate selection process. The resources on this page will assist participants that are interested in running for state and national delegate. For a thorough breakdown of the delegate selection process and to learn more about the 2020 Primary Election process head to waelectioncenter.com. 



2020 Delegate Selection Documents

2020 Delegate Selection Plan

Delegate Selection FAQ

Presidential Primary Facts

Intent to Run for National Delegate Letter

2020 State Convention Delegates & Alternates




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