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It didn’t have to be like this. There’s a path back to normalcy and that path starts with votingand your vote will make a difference in every race on your ballot.

« This election is TOO important to sit out!  »

Turnout in this November’s election is likely to shatter all previous records. We know more than anything that elections matter — past Washington elections have been decided by just a few hundred votes.

That’s why we are asking you to #CommitToVoteWA. In exchange, you’ll get three things: 

  1. Reminders from us about WHEN and HOW to vote; 
  2. Resources on how to make a plan to vote and get involved in this election; and 
  3. A toolkit to encourage your friends to vote, so you won’t be alone in making a difference! 

Research shows that telling yourself you will do something is the best way to make it actually happen, and those who commit and make a plan to vote are much more likely to get their ballots in. And since we know that remembering to do even the simple things can be a challenge in these unprecedented times, we’re here to make it easy to get your ballot counted! 

After you’ve filled out the form above, you’ll get an email reminder about your commitment to vote and a digital toolkit to encourage your social media followers to #CommitToVoteWA! 


Don’t take our word for it, check out this message from former First Lady Michelle Obama about why your vote matters!