The following is an excerpt from the WSDC 2022 Platform, approved June 25, 2022:

Washington State Democrats must be aggressive in our drive, to limit and minimize explicit, implicit, and institutional injustices.  It is not possible or reasonable to list every form of injustice here, especially as we the writers of this platform likely have blind spots in our identification of injustice, ourselves. Injustice based on race, ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, religion, class, wealth, or country of origin are still having an immediate effect of those who experience injustice. They have also shaped our society and institutions from the earliest settlers.  We all struggle daily to learn and act against these injustices.  We have made much progress and have addressed many of these injustices. However, they have been so ingrained and accepted that the injustices and bias are not recognized by many. The Washington State Democratic Party in this Party Platform realizes that every platform pillar has been written with this understanding whether or not it is explicitly stated.

You can find resolutions passed by the WSDCC related to this section of the platform below: