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2020 Washington State Democrats Congressional District National Convention Delegates

Below is the final list of the Washington State Democratic Party’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention. We’re proud to announce that we met nearly every affirmative action goal set out in our Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan thanks to the incredible work from community leaders, our central committee and local party officials, and countless committed rank-and-file Democrats who helped us spread the word about the opportunity to become a delegate to the DNC. Thank you to everyone who helped us field such a talented and diverse delegation, especially considering the challenges presented by developing an entirely remote delegate selection process in just a few weeks! (For the list below: please click on the bottom of the document for navigation tools to appear.)

Website Delegate spreadsheet - National Delegates (3)
We’re also proud to announce that the following individuals have been chosen as Democratic electors to the Electoral College!
Website Delegate spreadsheet - Electors (1)


Finally, please join us in congratulating each of the following dedicated Democrats on their appointment to the Standing Rules, Platform, or Credentials Committees at the DNC!
Website Delegate spreadsheet - Standing Committee Appointments (1)

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