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Rooted to Win

The Washington State Democratic Party launched our inaugural Rooted to Win program in 2021, with local candidates running In Every Race In Every Place!

In 2023, there are thousands of great Democrats running for local office across Washington state, and our Rooted to Win program helps candidates win their local races. In 2023, Rooted to Win Candidates will be selected to be featured because they fit one or more of our program criteria:

  • The candidate identifies as a member of a historically underrepresented community
  • The candidate fits specific district needs and has a deep-seated interest in service to the community
  • The candidate is running to replace a particularly problematic or unrepresentative conservative incumbent
  • The candidate is running a campaign designed to win, but also to build for future Democratic success in their district

Rooted to Win is designed to expose these groundbreaking candidates and their campaigns to thousands of voters, supporters, and donors through the Washington State Democratic Party’s extensive online audiences. Between now and Election Day, Rooted to Win candidates will be featured in online, email, and social media communications from the Party to expand their campaigns’ reach and propel them to victory!

See below for our 2021 Rooted to Win candidates! 

Amanda Hubik

Anacortes City Council Pos. 4

Amanda’s Campaign Website

Angie Wean

Longview City Council Pos. 6

Angie’s Campaign Website

Armen Papyan

Tukwila City Council Pos. 1

Armen’s Campaign Website

Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council At-Large

Barry’s Campaign Website

Betsy Wilkerson

Spokane City Council Pos. 2

Betsy’s Campaign Website

Brandy Donaghy

Snohomish County Council Dist. 5

Brandy’s Campaign Website

Chris Roberts

Shoreline City Council Pos. 7

Chris’ Campaign Website

Christi Keith

Edgewood City Council Pos. 3

Christi’s Campaign Website

Danny Herrera

Yakima City Council Pos. 2

Danny’s Campaign Website

David Berg

Puyallup School District Pos. 4

David’s Campaign Website

Demi Chatters

Everett City Council Pos. 5

Demi’s Campaign Website

Dexter Borbe

Bellevue City Council Pos. 2

Dexter’s Campaign Website

Eddy Ury

Whatcom County Council Pos. 1

Eddy’s Campaign Website

Greg Baruso

Federal Way City Council Pos. 2

Greg’s Campaign Website 

Han Tran

Bothell City Council Pos. 1

Han’s Campaign Website 

Heather Jeffers

Clallam County Public Hosp. District 2 At-Large

Heather’s Campaign Website

Hugo Garcia

Burien City Council Pos. 1

Hugo’s Campaign Website 

Iris Guzmán

SeaTac City Council Pos. 6

Iris’ Campaign Website

Jacquelyn Belock

Cheney City Council Pos. 3

Jacquelyn’s Campaign Website

Jake Simpson

Seatac City Council Pos. 2

Jake’s Campaign Website

Jane Aras

Bellevue School Board Pos. 5

Jane’s Campaign Website

Janice Deccio

Yakima City Council Pos. 4

Janice’s Campaign Website

Jenne Alderks

Bothell City Council Pos. 3

Jenne’s Campaign Website

Jim Cooper

Olympia City Council Pos. 7

Jim’s Campaign Website

Joe Colombo

Puyallup City Council Pos. 2

Joe’s Campaign Website

Justin Keeler

La Center City Council Pos. 1

Justin’s Campaign Website

Karen Howe

Sammamish City Council Pos. 7

Karen’s Campaign Website

Karen W. Guzak

Snohomish City Council At-Large

Karen’s Campaign Website

Kate Baldwin

Auburn City Council Pos. 2

Kate’s Campaign Website

Kathy Downer

Sequim City Council Pos. 2

Kathy’s Campaign Website

Kaylee Galloway

Whatcom County Council Pos. 1

Kaylee’s Campaign Website

Kelly Krieger

Bellingham Port Commissioner Dist. 2

Kelly’s Campaign Website

Kiara Daniels

Tacoma City Council At-Large Pos. 6

Kiara’s Campaign Website

Kim Harless

Vancouver City Council Pos. 1

Kim’s Campaign Website

Kim-Khanh Van

King County Council Pos. 9

Kim’s Campaign Website 

Kristina Michele Martens

Bellingham City Council At-Large

Kristina’s Campaign Website 

Leandra Craft

Federal Way City Council Pos. 5

Leandra’s Campaign Website 

Liz Olhsson

Lakehaven Water and Sewer District Pos. 5

Liz’s Campaign Website

Lowell Rathbun

Sequim City Council Pos. 6

Lowell’s Campaign Website

Mary Bacon

Tacoma Port Commissioner Pos. 4

Mary’s Campaign Website

Melissa Bedford

Spokane School District Pos. 3

Melissa’s Campaign Website

Melissa Stuart

Redmond City Council Pos. 4

Melissa’s Campaign Website

Mohamed Egal

Seatac City Council Pos. 4

Mohamed’s Campaign Website

Naghmana Sherazi

Spokane City Council Dist. 1 Pos. 2

Naghmana’s Campaign Website

Neal Black

Kirkland City Council Pos. 5

Neal’s Campaign Website

Rachel Anderson

Sequim City Council Pos. 4

Rachel’s Campaign Website

Rami Al-Kabra

Bothell City Council Pos. 7

Rami’s Campaign Website

Rebecca Lewis

Whatcom County Council Pos. 3

Rebecca’s Campaign Website

Renae Seam

Federal Way City Council Pos. 6

Renae’s Campaign Website

Riley Smith

Spokane School Board Pos. 4

Riley’s Campaign Website

Roger Henderson

Gig Harbor City Council Pos. 2

Roger’s Campaign Website

Russ Whidbee

Bellingham City Council At-Large

Russ’ Campaign Website

Ruth Lipscomb

Bellevue City Council Pos. 4

Ruth’s Campaign Website

Sarah Moore

Burien City Council Pos. 5

Sarah’s Campaign Website

Sarah Perry

King County Council Pos. 3

Sarah’s Campaign Website

Soleil Lewis

Des Moines City Council Pos. 7

Soleil’s Campaign Website

Tiffany LaFontaine

Federal Way School Board Pos. 1

Tiffany’s Campaign Website

Tosh Sharp

Tukwila City Council Pos. 1

Tosh’s Campaign Website

Vivian Song Maritz

Seattle School Board Dist. 4

Vivian’s Campaign Website

Wendy Smith

Vancouver School District Pos. 3

Wendy’s Campaign Website

Zack Zappone

Spokane City Council Pos. 3

Zack’s Campaign Website


Grassroots organizing is a powerful tool, and it’s the key to building Democratic power from the ground up. Organizing plays a critical role in winning elections and we need your support to ensure we ramp up our organizing efforts as early as possible. Donate and Support Rooted to Win TODAY!

Are you running for office in WA and interested in becoming a 2021 Rooted to Win candidate?

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