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Month: May 2014

Month: May 2014

    Comment on our Draft Platform

    Ever two years, delegates to the Washington State Democrats State Convention pass a new Platform. The Platform is the document stating our beliefs and positions on issues and is critical to defining the Party and what it stands for. This year, the State Convention is on June 20th through 21st in Spokane. To learn more about the Washington State Democrats State Convention,

    Become a precinct committee officer

    The week of May 12th to May 16th is filing week, the week when you need to fill out a form with your County Auditor to run for elected office. Key among these elected positions is the role of precinct committee officer (PCO). Party Affairs Manager Greg Haffner sent out an email with information about what it means to be a PCO and instructions on how to apply. ----------- Dear

    Sign our petition on raising the minimum wage

    On April 30th, Senate Republicans filibustered legislation to raise the minimum wage to $10.10. With a vote of 60 needed to overcome the filibuster, 54 Senators - a majority of the Senate - voted to advance the bill. Once again, Senate Republicans have obstructed legislation to lift up working families. Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out the following email asking supporters to sign
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