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Month: March 2014

Month: March 2014

    Register for the 2014 State Convention

    The 2014 Washington State Democrats' State Convention is on June 20th and 21st in Spokane. The Convention is your chance to shape the Party platform, pass resolutions, nominate candidates and address other Party business, and meet other Democrats from around the state. Delegates to the Convention were chosen at the Legislative District Caucuses on March 9th. The Caucuses will

    Update: Rodney Tom has a challenger

    On March 13th, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out the following email to our email list asking you to support Joan McBride, who is challenging State Senator Rodney Tom. Rodney Tom, who was elected as a Democrat, began voting with Republicans in the State Senate and was chosen as Senate Majority Leader as a result. We want to elect a true Democrat to the State Senate in the 48th

    Statement on Mark Miloscia announcement

    Mark Miloscia, who represented the 30th legislative district as a Democrat, announced that he will switch parties and run for Senate as a Republican. Chair Jaxon Ravens released the following statement after the announcement: "Mark Miloscia put his own needs above those of 30th District residents by announcing that he will switch parties and run as a Republican for State

    Stop them from getting one more vote

    On March 3rd, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out the following email to our email list about Pedro Celis, who is challenging Suzan DelBene for Congress. We are proud to support Suzan DelBene and confident that residents of the 1st congressional district will send her back to Washington DC this fall. ------------ Dear Friend,
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