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Month: April 2015

Month: April 2015

    The most important race this year

    There’s only one race for Legislature this year, and control of the State House could be at stake. Carol Gregory was appointed to the House for the 30th Legislative District, and she’s running this November to retain her seat. Her re-election is critical to keeping our Democratic majority in the State House. Big Oil and other special interests threw money at State Senator Andy

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    In Washington, D.C., and Olympia, Democrats are fighting for you and me. We're fighting to raise the minimum wage and give everybody a fair shot at earning a living. Despite Republicans' endless attempts at repeal, we're winning the battle over the Affordable Care Act and helping more and more people gain access to health care. We’ve come far. But we have a long fight ahead if

    Why equal pay matters in WA

    Today is Equal Pay Day.  Why today? On average women have to work until April 14th to catch up to what a man made the previous year. Here in Washington, women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. 100 years ago, your gender determined if you had the right to vote. Now your gender determines what you get paid. This is just as wrong now as it was then. House Democrats in

    Hillary Clinton’s in

    Today, Hillary Clinton announced that she's running for President. Hillary Clinton is one of the first major candidates to announce, and more are expected. We’re committed to electing a candidate who is dedicated to lifting middle-class Americans up instead of giving handouts to special interests and the wealthiest few.
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