Jinyoung Englund, the Republican running for the state Senate seat in the 45th legislative district, sent mailings over the weekend imploring voters to “listen to the facts” about her. Unfortunately, the claims made in the mailing are contradicted by Jinyoung’s own words and her record of policy positions.


We’ve laid out her claims, and her own statements that contradict them. See for yourself.


Claim #1: “Jinyoung Englund believes in a woman’s right to choose her own health care and will not vote to change the state’s current laws that were adopted by the vote of the people.”


FACT: Jinyoung Englund openly attacks Planned Parenthood and is anti-choice.  



Claim #2: “Jinyoung Englund believes in man-made climate change, and in the science that supports it. She worked for a nonprofit in Africa over 10 years ago after she graduated from UW. Jinyoung witnessed firsthand the importance of protecting and being good stewards of our environment.”


FACT: Jinyoung stated that climate change is not an issue we should be concerned about.



Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski offered the following statement on Jinyoung’s false mailing:


“Jinyoung Englund is taking the ‘alternative facts’ of the GOP to a new level in Washington State. Jinyoung is simply lying about her positions – and her own words prove it. She has touted her ‘tech credentials’, but she should know that she can’t erase her conservative anti-choice and climate-denying stances by deleting a few tweets – the internet is forever. Face it, Jinyoung is lying about her positions now – how can anyone in the 45th Legislative District trust what she says?


“Republicans must be getting desperate to resort to this kind of deception. For Jinyoung to say that she’s pro-choice or she cares about the environment when her own words in the past contradict that is astonishing. Up and down the ticket, from Donald Trump to Jinyoung Englund, Republicans are counting on misleading voters in a desperate attempt to win power. The fact of the matter is, Jinyoung Englund is a liar whose conservative stances on countless issues make her the absolute wrong choice to represent the 45th district.”




A photo of the claims in the mailing sent by Englund’s campaign: