On Tuesday, the House Ways & Means Committee voted on a party line against asking the U.S. Treasury Department to supply President Trump’s full tax returns from 2006 to 2015, plus additional information regarding his financial involvement in debt held by foreign interests. Republican Congressman Dave Reichert of Washington’s 8th Congressional District was among those who voted against holding Trump accountable.

While other Representatives, including Washington’s Suzan DelBene, sponsored and supported this measure, Rep. Reichert again put the financial interests of President Trump ahead of the best interests of his constituents in the 8th district.

Rep. DelBene said “This President is breaking 40 years of precedent with his alarming lack of financial transparency and his refusal to release his tax returns is a serious red flag. Given the President’s evasive maneuvering, Congress has a constitutional responsibility to obtain the records needed to perform rigorous, unbiased oversight.”

In addition to requesting tax returns from the Treasury Department, the resolution asked for information about Trump’s debts and investments held by foreign governments and companies, as well as any potential tax-avoidance schemes used by Trump. A president’s undisclosed foreign investments and debt can lead to serious consequences, from policy favoring foreign governments that can improve the president’s personal wealth to potential blackmail. 

“Congressman Reichert is more interested in covering up for Trump than of letting the American public know what secret financial stakes our president might have in other countries,” said Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. “If Trump makes foreign policy decisions based on enriching his wealth rather than protecting our citizens, it could jeopardize our national security. The people deserve to know what shady financial deals Trump may be doing in Russia or elsewhere to enrich himself or threaten our country. Congressman Reichert is, again, deeply failing his constituents.”