Thanks to State Senate Republicans, the score is Wealthy Washington 1, Working Washington 0.

On Day One of the legislative session, State Senate Republicans changed the rules to make it easier to raise taxes on the middle class than on the very, very wealthy.

Washington state has the most unfair tax system in the country. Right now, the less you earn, the harder you’re hit by taxes. Yet Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to make sure the wealthy DON’T pay their fair share. If this is what they do on Day One, we have a tough fight ahead.

Governor Inslee and the Democratic Party have a different plan. It’s time to create a Washington that works for everybody — for you and me — not just the wealthy.

Our state is facing a huge set of challenges. We are under a court order to properly fund education. We don’t have a funded transportation plan. We have a long way to go when it comes to making our communities safer.

Yet Republicans just created a double standard.

They believe the middle class and working families should pay more than their fair share, and they’ve given the wealthy a pass when it comes to our challenges. They’ve chosen the wealthy over our kids, over our communities, and over you and and me.

The wealthy can afford to chip in and do their part. So why should we have to carry the burden for them?