History has taught us: Our government is stronger if every voice is heard.

Sadly, today in Washington, that’s just not happening. Injustice in our election system means many communities, especially communities of color, aren’t being fairly represented by government. 

Democrats have introduced the Voting Rights Act, which empowers local governments to fix these problems. You and I know voters deserve a government that truly represents them, and so do our state’s newspapers — Editorial boards across the state have voiced support for the Voting Rights Act.

But State Senate Republicans are taking a page out of the playbook of national Republicans. They’ve blocked this bill. 

Not only that — Senator Slade Gorton is back. He’s re-entered the public sphere, using his authority and influence to lobby State Senate Republicans to ignore the public outcry and vote “no” on this bill.

Every voter should feel like their vote makes a difference, creating a government that is accountable to all people. We need to fix our broken election system — We need to pass the Voting Rights Act.

Send a message to Slade Gorton and State Senate Republicans: Demand that they pass the Voting Right Act today.