Question: Who is Dino Rossi’s #1 donor by employer?

A KXLY news report this week shed interesting light on where Dino Rossi gets his money. As Open Secrets confirms, Rossi’s number one donor by employer is Elliott Management, a Manhattan hedge fund. Paul Singer, who runs Elliott Management, hosted Rossi at a June fundraiser in Manhattan and wrote a seven-figure check to Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove’s shadow group that has been attacking Patty Murray.

And it turns out one Paul Singer fundraiser wasn’t enough. Rossi reportedly benefitted from a September 30 New York Paul Singer fundraiser.

“It’s no surprise that Dino Rossi’s leading donor by employer is a Wall Street hedge fund run by a major donor to Crossroads GPS,” said Sadie Weiner, Communications Director for the Washington State Democrats. “Dino took their money, then he pledged to give them free reign to gamble with our money again, then held his hand out for more money. That sounds like he’s on the side of Wall Street, not Main Street.”