Bryant Has Long History of Opposing a Higher Minimum Wage for Workers, but in New Interview, Goes Even Further and Decries “One-Size-Fits-All” System for Minimum Wage

Seattle – Republican Bill Bryant, in a new interview with Northwest News Network’s Austin Jenkins, announced his opposition to a statewide minimum wage, saying “I don’t think we can have a one-size-fits-all system.” This follows an interview in the Auburn Reporter in June, where he also expressed concern about the concept of a statewide minimum wage altogether.

He also announced his opposition to raising the statewide minimum wage, in the interview released last night. This is in line with a long history of fighting against wage raises for workers as Port Commissioner, even going to court and suing to try to stop raises and paid sick leave for workers.

“Republican Bill Bryant has put forward a position on the minimum wage way outside the mainstream of our state,” said Jaxon Ravens, Washington State Democrats Chair. “Washington state has been on the vanguard in our country on the minimum wage, and not only does Bryant oppose raising it, but he wants to eliminate it all together? Workers raising a family should not have to raise one in poverty. It’s alarming Republican Bill Bryant wants to take us backward when so many are urging leaders to move forward on providing living wages for workers.”

Bill Bryant Opposed Statewide Minimum Wage

Auburn Reporter: “Bryant Is Concerned About A Statewide Minimum Wage…” In June 2015, the Auburn Reporter reported, “On wages: Bryant is concerned about a statewide minimum wage because the economies are so different. ‘What’s appropriate in King County,’ is not elsewhere, he said.” [Auburn Reporter, 6/11/15]

Bryant: “I Don’t Understand Why We Have A Statewide Minimum Wage…” In February 2015, discussing Seattle’s $15 minimum wage at a meeting of Snohomish County Republicans, Bryant said, “I don’t understand why we have a statewide minimum wage because the state is so diverse.” [Bill Bryant, Snohomish County Republican Women’s Club, 2/12/15