Culp Reiterates His Support for Trump – “How can you argue with what he’s done?”

In a Q13 interview, Culp stated his wholehearted support for President Trump, asking “How can you argue with what he’s done?”

For Immediate Release | October 20, 2020

SEATTLE — In an interview with weekend with Q13 News, Republican gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp was asked about his “wholehearted support” for the re-election of President Donald Trump and replied that yes he did still support the president, and asked “How can you argue with what he has done?”

Some of the things that Donald Trump has done that many Washingtonians might argue with:

  • Sued to repeal the Affordable Care Act, allow discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, and throw hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians off of their health care.
  • Supported white supremacist movements, telling members of the Proud Boys gang to “stand by” and calling white supremacist protestors in Charlottesville “very fine people.” 
  • Undermined public health efforts to stop the COVID-19 pandemic by opposing the wearing of masks and calling the pandemic a “hoax” in its early stages. He called COVID “a good thing” because it meant he wouldn’t have to shake hands with as many people. 
  • Signed an executive order attempting to ban immigration from Muslim majority countries. 
  • Called military veterans “losers” and “suckers”.
  • Withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change. 
  • Nominated an anti-choice activist to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. 
  • Sprayed Black Lives Matter protestors with tear gas so that he could have a photo op at a church.
  • Oversaw a Department of Homeland Security that conducted involuntary hysterectomies on immigrants and intentionally separated migrant children from their families.
  • And more… 

“The Washington state GOP has become the party of Donald Trump,” said Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski. “It’s truly sad that it’s come to this, that their party and their standard bearer would wholeheartedly support such a terrible president. It’s absolutely critical that we remove Trump and his allies from power in the election this year.”