ICYMI: Washington GOP Candidates Swear Fealty To Trump

At candidate forum, GOP candidates throw hands in with Trump


SEATTLE — Last night at the Eastside Republican Club gubernatorial candidate forum, all five GOP candidates for governor were asked one simple question:   

MODERATOR: Lastly, but not leastly, pro-Trump? Raise your hand.

Their response? →

Despite the ask to pledge loyalty to Trump coming on the very same day the President was floating ending the Coronavirus Task Force and pushing medical professionals aside as COVID-19 continues to rage on, every single candidate raised their hand to take the pledge.

Meanwhile, poll, after poll, after poll shows Washingtonians reject Trump’s failed leadership and support Governor Inslee’s actions during the coronavirus crisis — but the out-of-touch GOP candidates are ALL IN on Donald Trump.

Make no mistake: when they raised their hands in support of Donald Trump they are supporting failed leadership during the coronavirus crisis, the gutting of health care coverage and patient protections during a pandemic, and cutting taxes for the rich and big corporations

GOP candidates for governor may think swearing loyalty to Donald Trump is their way to win a primary — but it runs counter to the reality Washingtonians are seeing with their own eyes, said Tina Podlodowski, Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party.  “Trump’s name calling and personal attacks won’t distract from his failed leadership or the dangerous actions of Washington Republicans during this crisis.  This November, Washingtonians are not going to reward Trump’s allies throwing temper tantrums in the face of science by giving them power at any level of government.”