July 13, 2022

SHOT: Smiley running on few specifics in Seattle Times interview

  • “She says she’ll bring ‘common sense ideas and solutions.’ But on issue after issue, Smiley declined to answer questions about her specific policy positions and preferences.”
  • “She wants to ‘rein in the out-of-control spending’ that she says is fueling inflation. But, asked repeatedly to name one piece of federal spending that she would cut, Smiley did not answer.”
  • “Smiley, on her website, said she wants to improve ‘access to affordable health care.’ She declined to offer any proposals to do so, saying that insurance companies should be transparent and there should be easy pathways to becoming a doctor or nurse.”
  • “Smiley refused to say whether she would support repealing the (Affordable Care Act), calling the question a hypothetical.”
  • “On her website, Smiley says the 2020 election ‘raised serious questions about the integrity of our elections.’ Smiley says ‘Joe Biden is clearly our duly elected president’ but there are concerns about election integrity. She declined, repeatedly, to say if she had concerns about the 2020 election, just that there are concerns.” 

Read the full interview HERE

CHASER: Smiley confides in donors that she will “always be a rock solid conservative vote.”

In a recent fundraising letter distributed by Smiley’s campaign to donors, she assures any potential contributors that, “if I’m elected, you can count on me to always be a rock solid conservative vote.”

Tiffany Smiley has proudly touted meeting with Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, gushing about, “how great to have Washington state be the seat that flips the Senate in November.” Smiley has also declared that it would be “awesome” to have Donald Trump’s endorsement. 

Washington State Democratic Party spokesperson Caitlin Harrington issued the following statement in response:

“It’s clear why Tiffany Smiley doesn’t want Washington voters to know what she’d do as senator: like she told potential donors, she’d be a ‘rock solid conservative vote’ for the McConnell-MAGA Republican agenda–letting politicians control women’s reproductive health care decisions, gutting Medicare and Social Security, and raising taxes on workers and families while helping huge corporations get tax breaks they don’t need.”