February 28, 2024


REMINDER: Dave Reichert Believes Life Begins at Conception


Seattle, WA – With the latest attack on reproductive rights out of Alabama last week as the state Supreme Court handed down a ruling that jeopardizes in vitro fertilization treatment for millions of Americans in the state and beyond, former Congressman and candidate for governor of Washington Dave Reichert’s dangerous track record on reproductive freedom presents danger for the people of Washington and their future reproductive freedom. 

In an interview with KING 5 last year, Reichert said, “It’s no secret” that he believes life begins at conception.

Reichert’s comments are perfectly in line with his long track record of opposing reproductive rights in Congress, where he was described as an “anti-abortion stalwart” and repeatedly voted in favor of an extreme abortion ban

Reichert voted repeatedly to restrict funds to Planned Parenthood and voted “to eliminate a program known as Title X, which provides aid for family planning and reproductive health.” Reichert also voted to ban health care facilities on U.S. military bases from performing abortions for women serving overseas, supported allowing pharmacists to not fill prescriptions for safe, commonly prescribed medication due to his own personal beliefs, and voted to allow employers to make it harder for women to get birth control.

“With his long track record of trying to restrict abortion rights and reproductive freedom, Washington women, families, and voters know that electing Dave Reichert as governor would turn back the clock on years of progress on reproductive freedom and put millions of families’ ability to have children at risk, said Washington State Democratic Party Chair Shasti Conrad. “Reichert is far too extreme to be Washington’s next governor, and that’s why, come November, voters will reject Reichert once and for all.” 




The Washington State Democratic Party is committed to advancing progressive policy, empowering the grassroots, and ensuring Democratic victories up and down the ballot. Chair of the Washington Democrats, Shasti Conrad, is the first Indian-American woman to chair a major state party.