A Republican challenger has emerged in the 8th Congressional District race; Congresswoman Kim Schrier will face Matt Larkin in November.

Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski released the following statement Friday in response to the results:

“The differences between Dr. Schrier and Matt Larkin couldn’t be more stark, especially on the issues Washingtonians value most, like continued access to abortion. Larkin, who described himself as the only ‘pro-life’ candidate in the GOP primary, celebrated the fall of Roe v. Wade, and if elected to Congress, he’d actively help his fellow MAGA Republicans pass a nationwide ban. Abortion is pivotal health care that cannot be denied, and Kim is the sole candidate in this race who will always safeguard our freedom to decide. 

“Voters in the 8th Congressional District know Kim has delivered for them time and again; it’s why they reelected her in 2020. Whether it’s legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, like insulin, or protect working families from rising food prices, she actively is finding meaningful solutions to improve people’s daily lives. Larkin? He’s too busy peddling conspiracy theories, such as Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ — the same misinformation that led to the Jan. 6 insurrection. Extremism doesn’t belong in elected office or Washington state. 

“There’s a reason Kim secured more votes than any of her GOP challengers, because she is the clear choice here. Washingtonians want real results, and that’s what she provides each and every day. We will spend the next 95 days making sure she crosses that finish line in November, so she can keep working on behalf of all of us — what she does best.”