Trump Ending Stimulus Talks to Cause Immediate Harm to Families, Small Businesses

Trump’s stunning demand to end federal stimulus negotiations is wrong and will cause incalculable harm to the people of our state and our still-recovering economy

For Immediate Release | October 6, 2020

SEATTLE — This morning, President Donald Trump announced that he instructed his team to end negotiations with Democratic leaders over an additional round of federal stimulus to help the economy before the November election. 

The economic harm of not passing additional and immediate federal stimulus is almost incalculable. According to surveys, 40 percent of restaurants will close within the next six months without additional aid. States like Washington that saw improving economic activity throughout the summer due to stimulus could see our economic recovery halted. And people on unemployment insurance who were able to continue paying their bills due to the additional $600 per week of aid will see that benefit end, hurting retail sales and people’s ability to pay their rent, mortgages, and other bills. 

The HEROES Act proposed by Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives would provide additional $1,200 stimulus checks, restore the $600 in weekly federal unemployment benefits, and provide critical funding for education, food stamps, and child care. As recently as Saturday October 3, Trump himself tweeted that “OUR GREAT USA WANTS & NEEDS STIMULUS. WORK TOGETHER AND GET IT DONE. Thank you!” 

Here in Washington, the state Republican Party and Republican legislative leadership have yet to make a statement on Trump walking away from stimulus negotiations towards a bill that would help Washingtonians weather the COVID crisis. As with many questions around their apparently unconditional support for Donald Trump, they dodge the issue and change the subject rather than respond. Washington state Republicans must explain why they are supporting a president who is refusing to help Washington families during such a dire time.

“Why is Trump taking this opportunity to intentionally hold back our economic recovery and why are Washington state Republicans continuing to stand with him?” asked Tina Podlodowski, chair of the Washington State Democratic Party. “People are struggling. Families are having a hard time paying bills and small businesses are facing closure, due to a pandemic that’s not their fault. This is exactly the time when people need help from the federal government the most. Trump’s heartless action will cause incredible harm. Small business owners losing their dreams as they shut down their business, families losing their homes because they can’t pay the rent, and children going hungry because there aren’t enough food stamps. It’s more important than ever before that we elect new leadership that will get to work right away and get our recovery back on track.”