WA GOP Pledges Full Support to Least Popular President in a Century

Trump’s net favorability plunges to -33% in WA according to latest public polling


SEATTLE — This past weekend, the Washington Republican Party held their 2020 Convention where they reaffirmed their commitment to wholeheartedly supporting the least popular president in more than 100 years. Led by their Chair Caleb Heimlich, the WA GOP’s answer to the question “Who do you trust to see our country back to greatness?” is President Trump:

That’s right. The WA GOP thinks the same failed leadership that has led to 125,000 Americans dying of coronavirus — more lives lost than America suffered during WWI — is what we need to get out of this crisis.

How can Washington Republicans continue to support Trump despite such overwhelming failure? Senior Trump campaign advisor Katrina Pierson gave us a clue during her remarks at the WA GOP’s convention banquet Friday night: “I don’t believe anything I read. I don’t believe anything I see on TV.”

But while the WA GOP might be letting their loyalty to a failed president blind them to reality, Washingtonians know better. They know that Trump’s failure at every step of the pandemic response has cost us thousands of lives and millions of jobs, which is why the latest polling data shows Trump’s approval rating plummeting to -33% in Washington State.

If Washington Republicans want to continue offering nothing to voters but unwavering loyalty to Trump, we say, “Go ahead.”

After all, Trump’s historic unpopularity proves voters can clearly see the truth of Katrina Pierson’s presumably unintentional honesty: “There are not words to describe the chaos surrounding this presidency.”