The DCCC released the following statement on the state of the WA-01 primary and NRCC Chair Walden’s upcoming rally with Pedro Celis:
“Despite outspending his closest Republican opponent by 50 to 1, Pedro Celis is clinging on to a one point lead for second place and has become one of the most humiliating recruitment fails of the year for House Republicans,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “In a transparent attempt to save face, NRCC Chairman Greg Walden is parachuting into Washington State to prop up his campaign – but the more Washington State voters get to know Pedro Celis’ far right views, the more they’ll realize his agenda is wrong for their middle class.”   
NRCC Chairman Greg Walden Will Host a Rally for Pedro Celis [Pedro Celis for Congress Facebook Page, 8/8/14]
Celis Compared Gay Marriage to Polygamy. “As for same-sex marriage, Celis said, ‘marriage is something more for religion to decide. Is this marriage or not? Polygamy – is it fine or not? It’s a religion thing.’Asked whether he voted for the 2012 initiative that legalized gay marriage in Washington, Celis said: ‘I didn’t, because I supported civil unions.’ […] Downplaying the importance of same-sex marriage in the congressional race, Celis said such issues are best left to the states.” [Seattle Times, 6/20/14]
Celis Supported Privatizing Social Security. In June 2005, Celis wrote an editorial for the Washington Policy Center advocating for the privatization of Social Security. [Washington Policy Center, “Social Security: A Tale of Two Problems,” June 2005]
Celis Opposes Women’s Right to Choose. While speaking at a Cascade Republican Women’s Luncheon on April 16, 2014, Celis was recorded explaining his opposition to abortion. He said, “I am pro-life.” [Cascade Republican Woman’s Luncheon, 4/16/14]