There are many things that drive and inspire us as Democrats. Maybe it’s a specific issue or maybe it’s a general commitment to investing in and improving our community.

We want to know what drives you. That’s why we’ve kicked off our #demselfie campaign on social media, where we ask people to post a selfie and share why they are a Democrat.

From the lawsuit against the President to the Hobby Lobby decision, conservative Republicans are doing everything they can to attack our President and our values.

It’s important that we stand up and speak out about what drives us as Democrats, citizens, and voters — and we need our voices to be loud and strong as we go into the Fall!

Will you join us and show that you’re proud to be a Democrat?

Take part in our #demselfie campaign on social media: 

  1. Take a selfie
  2. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using hashtag #demselfie 
  3. Say something about being a Democrat in the photo or description