Winning back the State Senate majority is one of the topic priorities of the Washington State Democrats this fall. That’s why we’re sending out a series of emails featuring our targeted races for State Senate. On July 29th, Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out this email asking people to support Gabriel Muñoz for State Senate:

Dear Friend,

The 15th District in the Lower Yakima Valley is Washington’s only majority Latino district.

Jim Honeyford has been its State Senator for 16 years, but he’s lost touch with the people he’s supposed to represent.

He’s worked to protect the interests of wealthy corporations, not working class people. Even though his district is majority Latino, he’s repeatedly voted against The Dream Act and The Real Hope Act.

Residents of the 15th District need a public servant who will answer to their needs and be passionate about improving the community. They need Gabriel Muñoz.

Gabriel Muñoz is challenging Jim Honeyford for State Senate. Will you add your name and support Gabriel Muñoz?

Gabriel Muñoz is going to be the new direction the 15th District needs. A proud U.S. Veteran and businessman, Gabriel is committed to extending representation to those ignored by Jim Honeyford. 

He is asking for the opportunity to serve his community because he is committed to the values of selfless service, integrity, and personal courage.

Gabriel will work tirelessly to create better paying jobs by reducing taxes on small locally owned businesses. He will prioritize public education with state funding, so Washington state children are set to compete in the workforce and global economy.

After 16 years of the same ineffective Senator, Gabriel is ready and determined to help improve conditions within the state and the 15th district.

This race is critical to taking back the State Senate. Add your name to support Gabriel Muñoz today.

In solidarity,