The HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher wants to help flip seats in Congress currently held by Republicans in “safe” districts, or districts not considered competitive by traditional media. That’s why they’ve created their Flip a District contest. The “winner” of this contest will be featured on Real Time this fall, and Bill and his buddies will do everything they can to flip that district.

And there’s great news! Republican Dave Reichert of Washington’s 8th congressional district has gained the dubious honor of being chosen for the Flip a District sweet 16! This is due in large part to this grassroots-created website created specificially to tell Bill Maher why Dave Reichert needs to go.

So: How can we make Dave Reichert advance in the contest? It’s based on grassroots support on social media. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtags #flipadistrict and #wa8.

Chair Jaxon Ravens sent out the following email on July 8th, telling supporters about the contest and asking them to take party.

Dear Friend,

Rep. Dave Reichert has to go. And the national media is paying attention.

For nine years, do-nothing Dave Reichert has represented Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

In 2012, the 8th was one of only 17 districts in the country where a congressional Republican won alongside President Obama.

This year, we can change that. The national media is starting to realize the opportunity we have to flip this district.

Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time is targeting vulnerable Republican incumbents in their #FlipADistrict contest.

And great news — Thanks to incredible grassroots support, they have recognized that Dave Reichert is vulnerable and placed him in the #FlipADistrict Sweet 16!

Winning this contest would put the race to Retire Reichert in the national spotlight and give it momentum going into the fall.

This Friday, Bill Maher will be selecting the #FlipADistrict Final Four.

In order to advance, we need your help. Click here and use hashtags #FlipADistrict and #wa8 on Facebook or Twitter at 6 pm today. 

The energy to Retire Reichert is building, and we have a strong Democrat, Jason Ritchie, taking him on.

Jason is a small business owner who works to remodel houses for injured veterans and other Americans.

A former community college history professor and a father of two, Jason knew someone had to stand up to Dave Reichert after Reichert voted to shut down the government, wasting $24 billion in taxpayer money.

Our grassroots will fuel this race — and we can multiply their impact by getting Jason the attention he needs online and in the news.  

The 8th Congressional District spans the east and west sides of our state. Join me and stand with both sides of our state today to turn the 8th blue!

In solidarity,