When the Supreme Court made their ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, allowing private employers to interfere in a woman’s health care choices, Chief Justice Roberts suggested that Congress could draft legislation to override the decision.

Senator Patty Murray has done just that. With growing opposition to the ruling, Senator Patty Murray and Colorado Senator Mark Udall have sponsored the Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act. 

The bill, known also as the #NotMyBossBusiness Act, would require employers to comply with federal health care laws. The bill would not only affect women’s health. It would also ensure employers cannot deny coverage of other preventative services such as vaccines.

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Senate Democrats fast-tracked the bill, and today the full Senate body voted on the bill. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans filibustered the bill. Although it got 56 votes, a majority of the Senate, it did not get enough votes to advance.

Patty’s not giving up.

Thank you, Senator Murray, for standing up for women’s health!