There’s only one race for Legislature this year, and control of the State House could be at stake.

Carol Gregory was appointed to the House for the 30th Legislative District, and she’s running this November to retain her seat. Her re-election is critical to keeping our Democratic majority in the State House.

Big Oil and other special interests threw money at State Senator Andy Hill and pretend Democrat Tim Sheldon so that Republicans could keep control of the State Senate.

Now they’re set on winning the State House, and they’ll go for broke to defeat Carol.

Will you chip in $5 to help us support Carol Gregory and keep the State House majority?

This year, the Democratic State House majority passed an increase to the statewide minimum wage. It passed paid sick leave. It passed campaign finance reform. And It passed equal pay for equal work.

These measures so important to Washington’s families were all blocked by the Republican State Senate majority.

Unless we want the State House to go the same way, we need to fight for Carol. The race to retain Carol Gregory is critical to making sure our government is fighting for you and me, not the special interests.

Every election is a team effort, and we need to show Carol that she has a strong team of Democrats behind her. We’ll do all we can to elect Carol — Will you join us today?

Fight with us: Chip in just $5 today to help us support Carol Gregory and keep the State House majority.