Our kids deserve a quality education system.

That’s why Governor Inslee has made education the centerpiece of his budget.

Yesterday, the governor released details of his education plan. The governor’s plan invests $2.3 billion in education, including the largest investment ever in early education and the largest investment in basic education in two decades.

The plan reduces class sizes, implements full-day kindergarten statewide, and makes college more affordable.

New revenue is essential to funding education. Last year, Republicans in the legislature failed to do what was necessary to fully fund education.

We need to stand with our governor. Will you sign our petition thanking Governor Inslee for his bold vision for education?

The State Supreme Court has held the state legislature in contempt for failing to produce a plan for fully funding schools.

Last year, Republicans wouldn’t even take the simple step of closing tax loopholes, which benefit interests like Big Oil. These loopholes cost our state millions of dollars every year and could be a critical source of funding for education and other vital services.

The legislative session begins next month. It’s time for Republicans to prioritize what’s best for our kids over ideology.

We need to make sure Republicans know that real people, some who may be voters in their districts, want to get past the gridlock and make sure Washington children have the tools they need to learn, thrive, and succeed.

Please sign: Thank Governor Inslee for his bold vision for education.