Governor Inslee has unveiled a bold new budget that fairly reinvests in our state and our middle class.

Since the recession, our state’s seen repeated cuts to vital services that have hurt our children, our senior citizens, our schools, and our most vulnerable.

As Governor Inslee’s said yesterday “This isn’t another plan that puts a Band-Aid on our budget problems. This plan is sustainable, responsible, and fair. It champions the values we care about most, from education to cleaner, healthier communities.”

And it does all this by asking the biggest polluters and the most wealthy Washingtonians to pay their fair share.

Will you add your name and support Governor Inslee’s bold new reinvestment in our state?

Here’s how Governor Inslee’s budget truly reinvests in our state:

  • Makes our schools stronger, including the largest investment in early education in state history
  • Takes action to fight climate change and implements a carbon pollution accountability program
  • Restores painful cuts to services, making our kids and communities safer
  • Makes our tax system more fair, reducing the burden on working Washingtonians who can least afford it

Governor Inslee is asking us to do better than we’ve been doing. He is leading us toward a sustainable system that provides true security into the future, instead of relying on budget gimmicks and one-time fixes.

Governor Inslee’s plan makes sure everybody chips in to move our state forward, allowing us to fulfill our commitment to our children and to all of you who work so hard day after day.·

Stand with Governor Inslee and his vision for Washington’s future. Add your name and support his budget today.