If Republicans in Olympia got their way, this is what our state would look like:

The wildly popular universal background checks on all gun sales you voted for last November would be repealed. (SB 5615, HB 1245, HB 1886)

If your unborn baby had a birth defect, your doctor wouldn’t have to tell you. If you’re a woman, you would lose the right to make some of your own health decisions altogether. (SB 5747, HB 1687, SB 5289, HB 1493)

You’d pass on a more dangerous and less sustainable world to your children, because top Republican leaders deny that climate change exists.

If you work in SeaTac or Seattle, your minimum wage would revert back to the state minimum wage. For some of you, you’d be paid below the minimum wage, thanks to a bill Republicans just advanced. (SB 5332, SB 5421, SB 5422)

Democrats are fighting back. We will NOT allow the Republicans to roll back our progress.

Not only are Democrats fighting off Republican attacks. They’re working every day to expand opportunity, make sure we all have a fair shot, and give our children a chance at a bright future.

Democratic bills to raise the minimum wage and fight climate change have advanced in the Democratic-controlled House. The Reproductive Health Act increases a woman’s reproductive health options. Democrats are working to strengthen and expand the gun safety measures set out in I-594. (HB 1355, SHB 1314, SB 5574, HB 1647, HB 1847)

Now we need to increase the pressure on Republicans. We need them to stop trying to roll back our progress and blocking what’s best for Washington families.

These Democratic bills deserve to be heard, they deserve an up or down vote.

Join us in the fight today.