People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. Instead of helping, Republicans in the State Senate are trying to chip away at Washington’s minimum wage laws.

One Republican bill creates a “training wage” that would allow companies to pay less than minimum wage to a segment of workers. Another bill would block local minimum age laws, like the law raising the minimum wage in SeaTac. Another protects companies from being held accountable for minimum wage violations.

Republicans’ attacks on working families don’t end there. They’ve unveiled a slate of bills that would cut benefits going to injured workers.

Republicans need to realize that the public isn’t with them. Polls show voters want to raise the minimum wage, because they know everybody should be able to support themselves and put food on the table.

Meanwhile, Democrats know that companies can afford to do their part and create an economy that works for everybody.

Democratic House Bill 1355 and Senate Bill 5285 raise the state minimum wage to $12 an hour. 

Democrats have also introduced bills to provide paid sick leave and ensure equal pay for equal work. Family and medical leave is law, and Democrats have a plan for funding it and making it a reality.

It’s critical that we hear from you. If we’re going to fight for working families, we need to show that these measures have your support.

Fight this attack on working families, and add your name in support of Democratic legislation to raise the minimum wage.