Today is Equal Pay Day. 

Why today? On average women have to work until April 14th to catch up to what a man made the previous year. Here in Washington, women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.

100 years ago, your gender determined if you had the right to vote. Now your gender determines what you get paid. This is just as wrong now as it was then.

House Democrats in Olympia know this, which is why they passed the Equal Pay Opportunity Act. Unfortunately, State Senate Republicans blocked this bill not once – but twice!

Add your name: Demand that State Senate Republicans pass equal pay for equal work.

When you’re paid less than you deserve, you’re penalized just because of your gender. That’s not right, but equal pay isn’t only about fairness. 

This is about families. In 40 percent of families, women are the primary or sole earner. By fighting equal pay, Republicans are turning their back on working families and once again telling them to just deal with it.

A huge majority — 90 percent — know this isn’t right, which is why they support policies that would ensure women are paid what they deserve.

So why are State Senate Republicans once again blocking commonsense policies that everybody supports — except their special interest friends?

Let’s use Equal Pay Day to renew the call for equal pay for equal work. Add your name and demand State Senate Republicans pass equal pay today.