Democrats: “Who does Andy Hill Represent? Benton County Republicans or the 45th District in King County?”

WATCH: KNDO/KNDU Coverage of Teachers Protesting Andy Hill’s Budget at His Fundraiser

Seattle – Last week, instead of working with House Democrats and Governor Jay Inslee to come to a compromise on the budget, the Senate GOP’s chief budget negotiator Senator Andy Hill skipped town to fundraise for the Republican party. On Friday, during his keynote speech at the Benton County Lincoln Day Dinner, Andy Hill was “testing themes” for a gubernatorial run, and urged the Benton County Republicans to offset the votes in King County.”

“Who does Andy Hill represent? Benton County Republicans or the 45th district in King County?” said Jaxon Ravens, Chair of the Washington State Democrats. “First he proposes to raise his district’s property taxes, then he complains about the pay and work ethic of their teachers. Now, instead of negotiating a sustainable budget that treats workers, teachers, students, and seniors fairly, Hill travels to Pasco to try out talking points for a gubernatorial run and urges Benton Country Republicans to cancel out his district’s votes. Andy Hill has made it crystal clear his true constituency is Republican primary voters.”

Over 100 local teachers protested the Hill fundraiser, telling him to go back to Olympia to pass a fair budget that lowers class sizes and fully funds our schools. Last week, the teachers in the school district Andy Hill lives in walked out in protest of Andy Hill’s budget. Following the walkout, Andy Hill complained on his facebook page about the pay and work ethic of teachers in the Lake Washington School District.


Earlier this month, Hill cosponsored a bill that would raise property taxes in his district.