ICYMI: WA GOP Officials Can’t Stop Making Racist Statements

GOP State Reps. Walsh & Young Repeat Trump’s Nixonian Rhetoric on “Law & Order” at Candidate Forum


SEATTLE — After failing to condemn heinously inappropriate and racist comments comparing the murder of George Floyd to Governor Inslee’s coronavirus response made by Tim Eyman, their party’s leading candidate for governor, Republican state representatives Jim Walsh and Jesse Young added to fuel to the GOP’s self-immolation on racial justice issues Monday night.

In the middle of discussing the recent protests against police violence targeting Black people, Jim Walsh stated, “And I mean the American you know, African-American culture is a matriarchal culture.” Walsh’s comments reveal a shocking disregard for the devastation to African-American communities by racially discriminatory criminal justice policies that a former Nixon administration staffer admitted was designed to target Black activists.

Walsh wasn’t the only GOP state representative to recall Nixonian rhetoric on racial justice issues; Jesse Young insisted that despite poll after poll showing Donald Trump’s popularity plummeting as he bungles the coronavirus pandemic response and offers nothing but division and distraction in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, “The silent majority is there with us. Make no mistake, they’re there with us.”

This is who the WA GOP is. Total Trump loyalists who think that a Southern Strategy can win in Washington state in 2020. If these latest comments left any doubt in voters’ minds about where they stand on the least popular president in Washington state history, neither of the WA GOP representatives on the call objected to the message conveyed by an attendee of their forum in the lower right-hand corner of this screenshot from the event:

Screenshot taken from Puget Sound Patriots candidate forum, 6/15/20