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    A Binding Contract: What Ties Dino Rossi And FreedomWorks

    Handpicked Republican establishment candidate Dino Rossi was Washington state’s first Senate candidate to sign onto the right wing “Contract From America.” Dino has already been questioned on some of the Contract’s more damaging provisions, such as a flat tax or a fair national sales tax. But the Contract has more than just damaging provisions – it has a long list of founding

    Clock Is Ticking: New Webpage Tracks Rossi’s Silence

    Nine Days And Counting: Rossi Raises Money For Extremist Policy Center No Word Yet From Rossi On Why He Supports Assailing Middle Class SEATTLE - Nine days after ethically-challenged perennial politician Dino Rossi sent out a fundraising letter on behalf of the extremist Washington Policy Center (WPC), and with Rossi seriously weighing a bid for US Senate after visiting
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