WA GOP Continues Denying Reality of Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite overwhelming opposition by the American public, Republicans remain in lockstep with Trump on unsafely forcing children back to school


As Washingtonians began voting in our primary election, Trump has continued demonstrating he has no grasp on the risks still facing our country due to the coronavirus pandemic. While cases keep spiking beyond what models predicted would occur as states overcome Trump’s incompetence to increase testing, Trump recklessly threatened funding for schools that choose to protect their students and staff by not reopening in the midst of a raging pandemic.

What has the WA GOP done to step forward and show they care more about keeping our kids safe than blindly following the president? Nothing. In the face of opposition from 90% of the American public, the WA GOP continues to let the least popular president in a century set their policy agenda for the fall and abdicate any pretense at leadership on the issues actually affecting Washingtonians’ daily lives.

As they have since the very beginning of this pandemic, Governor Inslee and our Washington Democratic leaders in Olympia will continue to follow the science to keep our children safe and do everything possible to mitigate the challenges of continued virtual education until we can be sure it’s safe for students to return to the classroom.

One concerned parent interviewed by the Associated Press about the prospect of risking her children’s safety to reopen schools put it best: “We need to get this under control before we play with the virus. It’s just too dangerous to put our kids out there like guinea pigs.”