Mark Miloscia, who represented the 30th legislative district as a Democrat, announced that he will switch parties and run for Senate as a Republican. Chair Jaxon Ravens released the following statement after the announcement:

“Mark Miloscia put his own needs above those of 30th District residents by announcing that he will switch parties and run as a Republican for State Senate.

“With his last-place finish in the race for State Auditor in 2012, Miloscia is upset that the voters of Washington state chose not to give him a promotion. He saw that he wasn’t advancing fast enough as a Democrat, and he also saw how Rodney Tom has been rewarded for voting with Republicans in the State Senate. By switching parties, Mark Miloscia is hoping that he will gain a faster path to power like Rodney Tom.

“We are proud to support Senator Tracey Eide, and we are confident that 30th District residents will return her to the State Senate.”